Reader: Jan 15, 2009

- 10 Brooklyn bands you should hear now. (via Brooklyn Based)

- Obama can’t let the crackberry go. (via huffington post)

- Rob Brezsny says it will be a good year for us Aquarius. (via freewill astrology)


- Great interview with street artist Mike Marcus. (via artcal)

- Watch Our City Dreams, a movie about 5 women artists in NY. (via art observed)

3188346567_37a0e370d5- This is what Obsessive Consumption bought. (via Obsessive Consumption)

- Christie’s is downsizing. Old news. (via art fag city art observed)

- A show about female artists trying to make big. (via art fag city)

- Google shakes in disagreement. (via art fag city)

- Top 10 Bush moments. (via eyeteeth)

- Short Robert Ryman interview clip. (via art 21)

- A new contemporary art magazine based in Greece. (via art 21)

- Art schools deceive students of gaining guaranteed startist status. (via guardian)

- I wish I would’ve been there. (via gothamist)

- Of course the financial crisis is doing away with hedge fund collectors. Good riddance. (via C-monster)

- The hipness of the Berlin art scene. (via C-monster)

- On the MoMA twitter. (via Modern Art Notes)


- An abandoned Harlem. (via Gothamist)

- Hysterical retelling of Star Wars narrated by someone who hasn’t watched it. (via dailyopia)

- What are you suggestions on reprogramming the gallery system? (via Edward Winkleman)


- Official Obama portrait. (via Huffington Post)

- 10 steps Obama should take to renew the arts. (via art newspaper)

- Not Eating out in New York is interviewed. (via one day at a time)

- Artist to do’s. (via artblog)

- Art, Price and Value. (via we make money not art)

- Marriage of low and high tect craft. (via craftzine)

- Fairwell, Z train. (via gothamist)

- An odd post on Animal Collective. (via hipster runoff)


- Cured, dried, shaped food bowls. (via notcot)

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