Reader: June 2, 2009

Some of these are a few weeks old, shows you how often I go through Reader any more…

- Greenpoint baker Sarah Magid’s signing and tasting for her book Organic & Chic: Cakes, Cookies, and Other Sweets That Taste as Good as They Look. June 11th 7:30 at Word. I’m so there.

- Just Food is a non-profit promoting a sustainable food system in NY and they are organizing the beekeeper ball to launch pollinator week. June 22nd 6pm at Water Taxi Beach. I’m so there.

- Chapman brothers unauthorizingly rebuild Tracy Emin’s Everyone I Have Ever Slept With tent. I can’t decide if this is immoral and unethical. I don’t see how it differs from appropriating any other resource such as images taken from media, etc. (via art observed)

- Mega Zwirner is opening another space on 19th street. (via art observed)

- Paddy Johnson on Jessica Stockholder and Nam Jun Paik. (via afc)

- 50 text acronyms parents should know: FMLTWIA: Fuck me like the whore I am. (via afc)

- Obama condoms. (via afc)

- Oof. Artbreak charges for artist submissions. I just wrote about their show. (via afc)

- AFC+ on Cory Arcangel. Honestly the image is a one liner for me. (via afc)

- Books to read this summer. On a side note I want to “read” this. (via art 21)

- On Jorge Colombo’s iphone painting that made the cover of New Yorker. (via Jen Bekman)

- Guerra Paint + Pigment is the place to go for all you painters obsessed with color and can’t afford expensive tubes. (via Chris)

- Brezsny says I’m going to do some great things this month. I hope he’s right. (via freewill astrology)

- I don’t recognize any names at Northside Festival next weekend but I’m looking forward to partying hard. (via Northside Festival)

- Cookbooks forĀ  summer “reading”. (via NYT)

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