Reader August 26, 2009

- NYT Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni’s farewell tips on good eateries.

- Jerry Saltz’ fall preview. None in Brooklyn, or LES, mostly Chelsea. Boo.

- Nicole Caruth’s ingenious two part post on Gastro-Vision: Art, Food, and Urban Farming.


- Jane Benson

- Song Dong at MoMA thru Sept 7th. Not to be missed.

- Creepy breastfeeding doll.


- I am in LOVE with these paintings by Yellena James.

- Goddamit, I missed National Topless Day.

- Brent in Greenpoint.

- Jorge Macchi


- I am also in LOVE with these paintings by Paul Wackers.

- Whole Foods CEO John Mackey an extremist nut, boycott ensues.

- I have mixed feelings about turnkey exhibitions. It’s a bit worrisome to have corporate curators take over a hosting museum but it is helpful (albeit a bit opportunist) to have smaller community museums to benefit with artists they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Hmmmm…

- All about love.


- Speaking of love, I again, LOVE these street installations by Mark Jenkins.

- Tracy Morgan IS totally awesome.

- Hysterical.

- Braids.

- Great awesome video by Skeeter NYC on BK Farmyards. CHECK IT.

- I read this about competitive food shows and Julia Childs by Michael Pollan a few weeks back and I was very relieved to be deprived of cable. And I want to watch Julie & Julia asap.

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