Reader: March 11, 2010

- Jeff Koons vs. Shaq.

- AFC on Volta.

- Culinary Fine Art.

- Latex love with Sasha Frolova.

- Art for hipsters.

- An exchange of pen pal letters between an American 4th grader from the 60’s and a German socialist from the 80’s. Insightful, hysterical.

- 5 Great Internet-Related Art. I saw Rafael’s work at Volta and was in love. The toilet paper is the best.

- The documentary Basquiat: The Radiant Child is going to be heart-wrenching.

- Find any taco shop in NYC.

- Ranting lesson on Risotto. “Overcooked Risotto is COMPLETELY FUCKED. Wallpaper the house with it or give it to the dog. If you serve it I will find you and it won’t be pretty.”

- Apparently there aren’t many sustainable seafood restaurants in NY. Not many at all.

- Banning the use of salt is ridiculous. How can they think otherwise? What is the matter with them?

- All about beets.

- This is why I love Skimkim.

- Historical figures on toasted sandwiches.

- Restaurant Girl spies on a competitor. This makes her creepy. But maybe this is normal and I’m the creep not phased by competitors??

- The making of a food celebrity. Barf.

- Map of NY’s best coffee.

- Eating cheap in the east village.

- I love this woman.

- I’d be curious to know how these boys afford these meals.

- Ads of the world.

- Baohaus will soon come out with twinkies. O dear. I ate there for the first time over the weekend and their sandwiches are TINY. But delicious. Here’s the chef/owner on cock sauce. He is brilliant. “There’s this idea amongst “foodies” that spicy = good. Or that eating spicy means you know food. Or that you have a giant penis. I don’t know. I’ve never gone around measuring the penises of people who eat a lot of hot sauce, but I’m guessing there’s more of a correlation between people eating hot sauce and needing proactiv than a correlation between cock size and cock sauce.”

- Food package war.

- I want to watch this movie.

- Behind the scenes with a food photographer.

- Catering for 80 people, spending 61 cents per person. Amazing.

- I really need to learn moderation in my diet.

- I love this baker’s honesty, especially when admitting indulging in stress and overeating and how one leads to the other. Her prose is neurotic and frantic and her baking, beautiful. Get a load of these mini chocolate dipped bananas.

- How to find more space in the kitchen.

- Kooky Dough! Come to NY!!

- I really really miss baking.

- What an inspiration this lady is.

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