Reader: February 5, 2011

- Pretty stoked to be in a room surrounded by 10 sets of giant eyes. Go see Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests at MoMA.

- Vagina Steam. The comments are the best.

- Four artists whose works are thoughtfully ingrained in African American history.

- Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

- John Constable’s obsession with clouds. I wish my obsession didn’t induce panic.

- Art, plagiarism, and the death of originality, or less importantly, why Koons wants to sue a company for making balloon dog bookends.

- Bad at Sports on Other Peoples Pixels. OPP responds. BAS wins.

- Superbowl bet is on between Milwaukee Art Museum and Carnegie Museum of Art, and they’ve put some major works on the line.

- Andrew Vicari, contemporary court painter. Adams is totally mocking him. John Berger quotes “I’m not sure that in any other period but the one we are in could a guy have achieved what he has, that money, doing what he does with all those clichés.” O wait this is the best part: “

This Damien Hirst, with his stuffed sharks, is just an ornithologist!

You mean a taxidermist?

Yes, that’s it, a taxidermist.”

Oh wait this is even better:

But van Gogh was mad, and Vicari is not. Your paintings should not be along that line: not mad.

So that, he said, is what I have aimed for.

Sanity? I said.

Exactly, he said.

- How #followfriday is supposed to work.

- To artists and arts organizations: Die with Dignity.

- Born this Way: a sweet blog collecting childhood photos submitted by gay adults, capturing them “showing the beginnings of their innate LGBT selves.”

- This dude gets famous people to sign his name.

- Egypt rally v. Bieber rally.

- Andre Breton: Nadja

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