An Introduction

Welcome to updownacross.

I’ve been thinking about the birth of this blog for a few months now, and am relieved to finally get the first post out of my system. Much labor has gone into brainstorming blogname, design, content, voice and goal and I hope in the end, if there ever will be an end, that I accomplish and follow through with my intentions.

So what are my intentions? My goal is to share every nook and cranny of my everyday experience with you in hopes of providing the slightest bit of insight and wonderment. Whether it’s a artist show, a recipe, a ridiculous quote, or a really good book, I hope to stir your interest and work as a gateway between this portal to the next.

Eventually I would like this blog to be an archive/database/inventory of general culture using personal experience to peddle through the horrendous and overwhelming amount of information pummeling through our lives. Oftentimes I am overwhelmed with the multifariousness of society and this blog is my way of coping and releasing and understanding myself and the world around me. I hope it will be as cathartic of an experience for you as it will be for me.

For content I plan to include weekly art reviews of shows I see in NY whether in a gallery, a non-profit, a museum, or public installation. I used to have an art blog but met its grave upon deciding to expand my field. I try to publish my art writing as much as possible and have many projects in mind that will be shared at the right time. I’ve published with this online magazine a few times, check it out.

I’ve recently discovered the joy and beauty of cooking and will include my experience in the kitchen laboring through recipes. Last week I endured 8 days of Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanse, the detox diet consisting of consuming nothing more than lemonade and since then I’ve learned to appreciate the act of eating and how gloriously wholesome it can be, especially when you’ve cooked the meal yourself. I will also try to take as many images as possible of the food I make, although I think it’ll be awhile before I am worthy of submitting to tastespotting.

There will be wordless Wednesdays and will contain images of artwork, random stuff from the internet, or my own amateur attempts at photography, drawing, etc. There will be updates of current events and how inconsequential they can be, book/art/restaurant/music reviews, a general hodge podge hoohah of culture. You get the gist of it.

I really hope not to bore you and please please please share your comments, recommendations, questions, compliments, reprimands, etc. I would love to hear it all.

This is Joann of UDA, thanks for stopping by.



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6 responses to “An Introduction

  1. teo

    and a shout out to me for my undocumented contribution

  2. teo

    what’s the smiley face about?

  3. Joann

    and yes, I have Matteo to thank for helping me with the blogname, I was toiling for a few weeks and he provided so many ridiculous names (the jigisup, notenoughpotatopeelersinmylife, tiptaptype, paintdoesdry, flickmybean, and much more) and eventually came up with this one.
    Thank you Matteo!
    and the smiley face, I have no clue I’ve seen it before in the past but have no idea, an angel from above?

  4. vong

    hey, i likes, i want to buy you a new camera and some new cookbooks.
    use the little flower symbol on the camera when shooting up close, and no flash for sure.
    thanks for sharing this and your voice!


  5. Joann

    I tried the flower macro symbol and fiddled around with the function abit, thanks eeeric and nancy for the tips, there will be a post tonight and hopefully the images will be a bit better. And yes, buy me a new camera and cookbooks. I DARE you.

  6. maverick mai

    It’s good. When I read your words I can actually hear you in my head…chill, not in a crazy way. The photos not so good. Eric, get on that camera! To all of you out there the food that I tasted was great the photos don’t do any of it justice. Way to put yourself out there Joann I can’t believe you put my name on your blog I feel so exposed.

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