How do you make your food blog images come out so delicious? What camera do you use? What helpful hints can you give someone with a Canon powershot SD30 5 megapixel? Its a pretty red color but is worth shit when taking close ups. Not to mention I’ve been cooking at night and the ligth in my kitchen is not so great with taking images, any suggestions?

Also, what’s the easy and convenient way to peel and cut squash?




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4 responses to “Questions

  1. does your camera have a macro function?

  2. Aquarela

    What a gorgeous pup. My goodness. Congrats on getting the new blog going!

  3. deb choi

    omg. why is mellow so freaken cute!!! and damn joann, i still remember that bahb/egg/ketchup combo you used to make…you’ve come a long way. yum to everything you’ve made…soundssss deliciousssss

  4. Your pup is super cute.

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