Tuesdays with Dorie: Creme Brulee

Tuesdays with Dorie is one woman who received a cookbook and determined to try out every recipe she formed a blog and asked others to join and support her every week. It is now a membership-only sort of group requiring you to have a blog and adhere to a set of rules to join the club. Each member rotates picking 1 recipe from this book by chef Dorie Greenspan and everyone bakes it for the week and posts their experience on Tuesdays. I want to be in the club. If you do too then you must do so before Oct 31, after that comes doomsday for those eager and willing to be included.

This week Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake chose Creme Brulee for the group. Immediately, as is common amongst amateur chef wannabes like me, I took a step back and burrowed beneath the pillow and blanket as Mellow often does in bed when threatened to be taken outside. The idea of making a dish with so much elegance and class, a dish with a required physical regimen, the act of tapping, a physical gesture to add on to a taste based experience, was daunting enough for me to be dismissive. But then little miss adventuresome got a hold of me and anticipated getting the tool of a torch in my hands to play with.

Before torch

Before torch

I went out last night before yoga and bought a torch, ramekins and the ingredients and at midnight whisked and baked what must be the most deceivingly easy recipe EVER. I’ve had Creme Brulee maybe twice in my life and I don’t remember paying attention to its consistency or delicacy so I can’t really compare my creation to that of others. But I can conclude that using a torch to make sugar candy coating is the most unforgivably pleasurable experience I’ve ever had. I couldn’t wait to get home today to light up, snap crackle pop, and indulge in the custard.

The only changes I’ve made was replacing milk with vanilla soy milk and baking for nearly 2 hours.

After torch and crackle

After torch and crackle

My upstairs neighbor and their baby came down and she engulfed the dish with her face and fingers, unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture until after the occurrence. Its not like the camera does any justice anyway. I’m mad at the device and will include a new camera into my budget. Until then you’ll have to settle for these pictures and believe me when I say, after another round of successful cooking, I’ve found my mode of freedom and exploration, cooking apparently is my preferred medium for self realization, challenge and exuberant optimism. I haven’t betrayed my artistic tendencies and appreciations as of yet, but this blog thus far seems to be overpowered by food but just you wait, this isn’t just any other food blog, you’ll see.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to take a hiatus with all this sugar/dairy consumption and compulsive eating. At the moment my throat is burning and I’m afraid either my butternut squash soup that I had 2 bowls of went bad or the sugar candy created some sort of bad reaction. Not to mention the 2 pieces of brownie I’ve been having for breakfast AND dinner…I’ve had 2 creme brulee dishes but the burning started before then. So must be the soup. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, please be on the search, feed my dog, and if I am dead with a smile, make sure to cremate me and scatter my ashes throughout the globe and maybe save some to scatter out the window of a spaceship. Whatever you do, do NOT bury me, I am claustrophobic.

OK so I just learned it might be acid reflux/heartburn, something I’ve never experienced in my entire life. This twisting of the upper belly and chest and burning of the throat is scaring me and I tend to panic in moments like these so I’m just going to type away and remind myself to relax and quit being a drama queen. Time to get some tums which I’ve always wanted to try just because it looks like candy and quit being an over consumptive maniac.



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4 responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie: Creme Brulee

  1. mangomissives

    Looks good! Using that kitchen blowtorch is super fun, hmmm? My husband asked me to make more creme brulee immediately after he finished the last of the TWD batch. maybe this weekend…

  2. Amy the upstairs neighbor

    That was the most amazing creme brulee I have ever had the honor of eating. Bravo!

  3. what a difference the blow torch makes! you’ve inspired me! now, go take your tums girly.

  4. Moderation is good — except when buying kitchen equipment! I envy your your torch and your lovely creme brulee!

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