Artist of the Week: Janaina Tschape

Full Disclosure note: I am employed by this artist.

Despite that I thought I would start this series with Janaina, since she has sprung many channels of inspiration and I respect and admire not only her beautiful work but her person as well.

Poppy, 2007

Poppy, 2007

I met Janaina a little over a year ago in the form of an interview to write my very first review for an art magazine. She had a show at Sikkema Jenkins and I was immediately blown far far away by the immense beauty and un-ignorable presence of each painting and drawing. Each work gushes out personal history, spontaneous automatic organic expressionistic form, enriched opaque glossy colors, obsessive repetitive minisculed grandiose and gradiosed miniscule patterns, and they just make you  weak to the knees and chicken skinned. I love them and I couldn’t have asked to be in a better place than her studio.

Possible Plants 16

She also works in the field of photography and video, which was her main focus until her recent return to painting. A new series of works can be found on her website which will be included in an upcoming solo at Galerie Xippas.

Check out my article that explains it all, here


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