“so maverick he is not”.


I’ve meant to actually post this on Thursday night right after the vice pres debate but got caught up washing dishes and ridiculing Palin. For the occasion I made a humble meal, nothing serious, consisting of couscous, stir-fried veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, broccoli), almonds spiced with some dried herbs, garlic, ghee and ginger. I also steamed an artichoke and for the first time it actually came out well done thanks to the special artichoke steamer stand I bought at bed bath & beyond. Majority of the gadgets in that store are excessive but this was a deal breaker with it innovative foolproof design. We dipped the leaves in melted ghee and lemon, and boy o boy was that a scrumptious treat. On the side was a cute little tomato salad with fresh goat cheese from the market dressed in olive oil, lemon and vinaigrette. It was a simple and unassuming meal but catered to all the different tastes of the palate and I was quite satisfied. If anything I cooked the vegetables a bit too long so they were softer than should have.

As for the vice pres debate, I was impressed with Biden’s composure but also disappointed he didn’t rip one out on Palin. Palin did a superb job avoiding every question Ms. Gwen asked and drowning us in dumbed down self-promotion. By my count she winked 4 times and waved every time she addressed “the everyday american”. She is too cute (insert Tina Fey impersonation with fingers pointed in the air shooting a gun with an adorable ppyo ppyo and a wink). She provided no response or rebuttal to ANY of Biden’s comparatively mild criticisms and if the everyday american does not realize that this is an insult rather than camaraderie, then I will be embarrassed for you.Strong words I know but I can’t possibly believe it’s not obvious she is a figurehead, a puppet marketing strategy with no brain or thought of her own. Clearly she was picked up by McCain to lure in the women who might not know any better, but this is my message to you, please wake up and realize you are about to make a very big mistake voting for such mavericky of a team.


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