Happening Agenda

Happening Agenda will be for those of you in my neck of the woods. It’ll be a listing of events I wouldn’t mind attending but probably haven’t made the time or effort because of other things I’m attending that I have taken the time and effort to do.

If you’ve seen, heard or eaten at any of these events/shows/places, let me know your thoughts. I’ll be attending and posting at my convenience.


– 10/14: Atmosphere at Irving Plaza

– 10/14: TV on the Radio at Brookln Masonic Temple


– Gilbert & George at Brooklyn Museum

They are a psychedelic duo that have been around for decades, they never fail to repeatedly display themselves in a creepy comical way.

– Catherine Opie at Guggenheim

She’s carved a house and 2 stick figures into her chest with a needle. She is a former S&M lesbian masochist who now lives a more less domesticated life in LA with partner, children, and house. The subjects in her photographs can include dominatrix portraits, arches of highways, landscape of a hillside, or a self-portrait breastfeeding a child. She’s a handful.

– Elizabeth Peyton at New Museum

I didn’t know she’s been around for a few decades and that she was over 40. Her paintings are very Karen Kilimnick, I should do some fact checking on who came first. Her paintings evoke a very contemporary urban hipsterish feel which can be a unfortunate flaw but the formal elements of her paintings are superb in their combining expressive abstracted stroke with vague tender expressions of the figure whether famous or not, from a photograph of a friend or Napoleon. Definitely worth checking out.

– Kehinde Wiley at Studio Museum in Harlem

His paintings are so devilishly decadent, almost borderline indigestible in their unabashed lushness, but that’s all intentional and you just have to accept them for the lavish thing they are and try to focus on other elements, which is hard to do.


– Fischli & Weiss at Skarstedt

The last show I’ve seen of theirs was at Matthew Marks featuring a huge series of small photographs of balanced utensils, everyday objects. Conceptual, extraordinarily sarcastically awkwardly comical, these photographs/performances made me want to empty that hardware & tools closet and see what can balance over what. This series will differ, hopefully better or equal to the past.

– William Pope at Mitchell Innes & Nash

– He Sen at Tilton

– Lee Ufan at Pace Wildenstein

– Louise Bourgeois at Cheim & Read

If you’ve missed her show that just came down at Guggenheim then I recommend you see this show. That’s what I’m planning on

– Matthew Day Jackson at Nicole Klagsbrun

– Martha Rosler at Mitchell Innes & Nash

– Tony Smith at Pace Wildenstein

– Out Now at E-flux

Group show with Rosler, Rirkrit Tiravanija

– Roman Signer and Agathe Snow at James Fuentes


– Black Iron Burger

540 E. 5th St & Ave B

– Curry Ya: cheap!

214 W. 10th St & 1st ave

– Bo Ky: cheap!

80 Bayard & Mott

– Fette Sau

354 Metropolitan ave & Havemeyer, Brooklyn

– Sripraphai: genuine thai

64-13 39th ave & Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, Queens

– Ilili: chewy ice cream!

236 Fifth ave & 27th st


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