Roasted Chicken with Joe the Plumber

Thankfully last night was the last debate. As much as its been fun sharing these evenings with friends and food, everyone concurs bake/debate/food is not a good mix and is a sure catalyst for indigestion. Nonetheless it was another night of success in the kitchen, I decided to roast a whole chicken after talking to Amy from upstairs about thanksgiving and her explaining the simplicity and preference of a juicy herbed chicken as opposed to a tedious time consuming potentially dry and charred turkey. So I thought I’d give it a try. I picked up a simple recipe from epicurious and watched this video on youtube but in the end put more instinctual effort.

After washing and patting the chicken dry I sprinkled the outside and the hole with salt and pepper. Mai helped mix a concoction of butter, fresh parsley, dried rosemary and thyme with s&p and reluctantly I slid my fingers underneath the skin and massaged this mix onto the fellow and must admit it was the slightest bit disturbingly sexual. I squeezed a lemon and put the whole thing into the hole along with onions and garlic on the inside and out. I massaged what I had left of the butter/herb concoction and rubbed it on the outside, put it in an aluminium disposable pan and handed it over to a preheated oven at 400 degrees.

It was in there for 1hr 40 minutes next to a pan of roasting vegetables. I bought these veggies (cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, zucchini) a bit over a week ago and have been using them over and over again, but still can’t seem to get rid of them, and I’m surprisingly running out of ideas about tactfully deliciously cooking them. I’ll have to study my Joy of Cooking a bit more vigorously. Here I just chopped and spread on a pan, sprinkled with salt & peppa, parsley, coriander and some others and poured oil and stuck it in the oven. I think it was a bit bland and tasteless, but I think I was getting sick of these vegetables that I’ve been eating everyday this last week. Plus everyone was more focused on the chicken and the delicious mashed sweet potatoes that Elaine brought from home. Super creamy, warm, sweet and buttery, it went straight to my fuzzed heart and probably alittle to my ass.

It was a pretty silent meal, our attention focused on a fiesty final debate, chuckling occassionally at McCain’s snotty childish eye rolls and getting flustered with his Joe the Plumber obsession. Between him and Palin’s Joe Sixpack we can throw a pretty hefty beer ponging party at a toilet warehouse alongside Joe Redneck, Joe the militant, and Joe Wifebeater. Sorry, maybe that’s too harsh.

Anyway, this debate was far more detailed and articulate than the others, putting aside talking points to openly talk about the negative campaigns and associating Obama with so called terrorists addressing the negative campaigns and the mob rage at McCain rallies calling Obama and Arab and pleading for McCain to fight him, KILL Him. McCain said he at least repudiated these comments and HIS feelings were seriously hurt, the way a 5 year old boy’s feelings are hurt, when Obama didn’t repudiate negative remarks, as if the accusations were comparable.

Bob Schieffer asked some many great questions covering a range of topics such as the economic crisis, tax cuts, health care, abortion, the negative campaign, and the greatest of all, asking if they believed their vice pres mate were worthy and prepared to take over if something ever happened to them. Now we are all comfortable with Joe Biden and his many years of experience and so is Obama. Palin on the other hand, you sensed that hesitance from a mile away as McCain tried to recite a short list of great doings of Palins such as hunting, mixing family feuds into political power, husband power tripping, and cuteness. She gets a medal as the best Tina Fey look-alike also. It was great to see yet again Obama’s tolerance, patience and unbending strength when it comes to tolerating McCain’s many superficial remarks. It was pretty scary hearing McCain’s wish to overturn Roe v. Wade on top of Palin’s merely tolerating homosexuality.

I think it is clear after this high strung marathon of a campaign who we must vote for as our next president.


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  1. I think it is clear after this high strung marathon

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