Weekend recap

Today’s been a pretty off day, woke up late only to witness one of two goldfish having its life sucked out of it by the filter, lifeless and foaming. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, in my flustered rush to perform my morning routine I knocked over a full mug of tea splashing spilling all over my kitchen. On top of it all Mellow decides to tactfully pee right by the door and my contact lens splits in two right before entering my eye, at least it wasn’t outside, although the pee should have been. My head just wasn’t together so you can only imagine how productive and dapper I was at work. I couldn’t wait to run around in the park, bathe in a cooling sunlight and come home to leftovers. Which was what I did until I looked up from my dinner plate and over at the tank totally having forgotten about the dead fish and found the other one joining the already deceased in the mortuary that is the filter. ugh.

an empty fish tank...

an empty fish tank...

Anyway I’d like to share my weekend with you only because I have this incessant need to archive and historicize my life. yes I can be a self-engrossed attention mongerer but I think its more helpful than hurtful…  …  …

Friday I shopped at the Farmer’s Market and surprisingly found some beautiful glowing red strawberries, fuzzy peaches and some perfectly ripe concord grapes. One of the veggie stands are run by Koreans from jersey and I sampled their stir fried japanese peppers sauted in oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper, boy was it delish. So I picked up some peas instead, kale, butternut squash, and zucchini and trotted back home. For baking ingredients I head over to The Garden in greenpoint and am always impressed at their having every ingredient I may need such as pumpkin puree, buttermilk, pancetta, arborio rice, and other things I’ve never used or searched for in a health food store, or from any store for that matter. Until now.

That evening Evan and I ate at one of our favorite spots, kenka on St.Marks Place which may be an area taboo for many but many of my fave eateries are in these few blocks including Crooked Tree, Cafe Mogador, 7A, and that sushi place on St. Marks and ave A. Kenka is the cheapest and loudest of all the above, the most quirky and disturbing in menu and aesthetic. A glass of sapporo is $1.50 or something exorbitant like that. I had to follow up my tonshinhan (rice covered in some gravy sauce and layer of egg) with a strawberry tart at that small bakery joint next to the big famous one on 11th and 1st ave. Sorry, I didn’t take very good notes and wasn’t paying attention to anything than what was going in my mouth. Nonetheless it was a delicious overfilling night resulting in serious food coma. I almost fell asleep riding my bike and talking on the phone (ear phones on of course).

Saturday I spent 2 hours of my morning compiling a list of gallery shows to see (so useless) and trekked over to Chelsea. I’ve been meaning to check out more spaces in the lower east side and brooklyn but I feel like without seeing the bigger more obnoxious shows in chelsea I can’t appreciate the others. Ill be making an LES & BK run this weekend, if I dont get caught wasting away in listmaking. Reviews of shows will follow.

For dinner I followed this week’s recipe over at Barefoot Bloggers, another blog cooking and sharing recipes taken from Ina Garten a.k.a. Barefoot Contessa. Rachel of Rachellikestocook chose butternut squash risotto and since I’m in that warm chewy spice-ful kick I decided to satiate my curious belly and try this recipe. It looked intimidating enough but I’ve stopped inhibiting myself in the kitchen, hopefully I can carry that courage out to the rest of my life’s meanderings.

This is my second time cooking with butternut squash and I can’t emphasize what a pain in the groin it is to peel and chop this stubborn but very delish veggie. Luckily Travis was there and being the generous strong man he is, did all that for me (thank you). I get a anal about the directions, especially since Im a newbie in the kitchen and followed the recipe verbatim, except instead of shallots I used onions only because I had so many left from baking chicken and were hard to find in the market. Also saffron threads are beyond my budget so I used turmeric which provides that awesome mustard yellow color and pinching spice flavor. Everything about the dish was chewy, spice-filled, salty, rich,gooey, the ultimate comfort food for your gratification. I’ve never tried pancetta or risotto for that matter and you can make sure it will be a favorite (urge to make list of favorite recipes starts now…

Such a meal can only be followed by nutella dipped strawberries, which I’ve been gorging on lately and can never really get enough of. The only problem is the nutella always has a way of shooting pain right up from my tooth to my brain. I think I’ve already shared my beef with cavities but I won’t let it stop me from orgasming in the mouth as the nutella and strawberry dance and melt in reverie.

Sunday was spent riding around beautiful Prospect Park in Park Slope. It was beautiful cool day at times windy and chilly in shadow but deeply welcoming and soothing in the sun. I even rolled down a mini hill with Mellow chasing my toppled hair. The ride itself was grueling at times only because I had this crate with a dog in it, I wish I took more pictures, the misgivings of a careless blogger…

Prospect park is a huge hilly woody park, minimally populated, o, except for the breast cancer benefit walk that was going on blocking our path, but at least we rode for a good cause. We witnessed some Jamaican dudes setting up croquet (something I’ve never seen before) and we had to get up and out of their way after a blissful moment of soaking in the sun and wiping Mellow’s ass of leftover business. Careful if you decide to go leaf collecting in the big center lawn area, sniff before collecting.

I came home to bake the next Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, soon to follow. I had risotto leftovers and again, overdosed on nutella and repeated it tonight. When will this food gorging end?


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