Weekend Recap

Friday was spent at the cafe not working hard but hardly working, and by the time I came home and tried on my Yayoi Kusama unitard and tried sticking red dot stickers I was horrified to see they didn’t stick. In case you didn’t know, Yayoi Kusama is a mentally ill Japanese artist who is obsessed with dots. You can see some of her wonderful works here.

So I had friends come over and after a frantic search for paint I had them paint red circles on my unitard, it was a great collaborative effort and I’m very grateful to have had their saving grace bless me that evening. We made our way to join the danger parade which was actually pretty pathetic, and I ended up standing at the corner of 14th street and 8th ave invading the wall of the men’s spa with stickers. That was fun but everyone else was getting grumpy. We made our way to the Danger hosted party and we made a hysterical performance of sneakily sticking stickers on people and it was the most ingenious means of passing time. And the later it got in the night the easier it was until in the end we just stuck dots straight on their foreheads. Other than that I was disappointed by the lack of debauchery and drunkenness, maybe next year.

Saturday was beautiful and warm making it very difficult to stay indoors, so I spent much of the day with Mellow at the park. He is getting longer and more rebellious by the day. I baked rugelach for next week’s TWD which will be posted Tuesday. It was the first baked disappointment but I’ll divulge later.

Luke Whitlatch from Heart as Arena site

Luke Whitlatch from Heart as Arena site

Brent Burket of the amazing art blog heart as arena curated a show which opened that evening at PlutoNYC and what a great show it was! The concept was simple: works that have moved Brent in one or another at one time or another and he was able to make studio visits or run into multiple shows with the same artist and had them included in this fantastic show with 4 painters and video artist. The paintings were abstract and came in different scales, they were expressive, action oriented, narrative, non-conventional, and strategic. They were splattery, eye-catching, mesmerizing, gestural, explosive and thickly layered. The video by Kate Gilmore was addictive and heart wrenching, confessional, hysterical, deceivingly accidental, and sympathetic. The show is not to be missed and it is worth the trek out to prospect heights (?)! More info on his blog and Pluto. I jetted out of the gallery full of inspiration and giddiness and trekked back to my neighbor’s house for dinner. As if I wasn’t already warmed by the show my belly got a dose of the greatness that is vegetable lasagna, wine, rugelach and a record player. I was impressed by my new friend’s cooking abilities and am looking forward to more. We watched No Country for Old Men which I respect its being an oscar winning movie, but I have absolutely no tolerance for heart beating thrillers that disturb the mind and tickle my anxiety. But Javier Bardem kicked ass in that movie with that childish 70’s bowl cut and creepy face. shudder. Fortunately I was in good company and didn’t have to run away to hide under a blanket. I woke up today startled at the change in time, didn’t realize the hour was pushed back already and was quite depressed and anxiety ridden at the thought of it getting dark at 5:30, only means I’ll have to pass darkness with more blogging and cooking, so no complaints! I wanted so badly to go apple picking and witness some serious fall foliage for weeks now but something always came up and today was not a good day either with no one to go with, so instead I spent the day without mellow frolicking around central park taking pictures of trees and leaves. I felt a bit silly but am very happy with the images and collection of leaves I came home with. A few samples below:

Today was also the ING NYC Marathon and boy what a spectacle that was. Picture 30,000 or so runner of all different characters: tall, short, blind, one leg, no legs, one arm, no arms, running, hand cycling in their upside down bicycle machine, in costumes, most hysterical being a japanese man in minnie mouse gear, coming from all over the world, gathered running in unison with viewers at all points of path cheering and wailing names and countries.

This comraderie, this collaborative gathering really put a tear in my eye, and I thought this is how it should always be in all facets of life: people from all over gather in full support and peace, on a mission to reach an indeterminable, dangerous, potentially hazardous route with hope and healthy competition. I am very glad I witnessed this event, not to mention it inspired me to put that brownie down and start exercising a bit more faithfully. The visit to central park really upped my mood as I was feeling quite pathetic and lonely and unproductive. It was a successful end to the weekend, not to mention having written this much in the last 4 hours feels amazing, but there is still more to come.



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  1. I love the polka dots _ an inspired idea that brings out the kid in everyone.

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