TWD: Rugelach

This week’s TWD recipe is Rugelach as chosen by Piggy’s Cooking Journal. I was at one time obsessed with these thick flavorful heavy cookies when I got them delivered from Murray’s Bagels in Chelsea. I’ve never really tried it in many other places, its thick and rich flavor was sometimes too overwhelming and I refrained. But I anticipated the potential challenge of baking something that Dorie Greenspan mentioned herself seemed to be something made my machine in a factory. My results weren’t superb but it was in large part due to rushing and not pouring love and attention to each step. Also I skipped what I suppose were crucial steps such as refrigerating the cookies before sticking into the oven. When asked to refrigerate the dough fo at least 2 hours, I couldn’t wait any longer than an hour. Also I made the mistake of mixing the cinnamon and sugar INTO the saucepan with jam. She should’ve clarified “Mix the sugar and cinnamon together IN A SEPARATE BOWL/PAN”. Something. Also there was no time frame given to heat the jam “until it liquefies”…How do I know when its liquefied?? I used Sarabeth’s Plum Cherry jam and as it was heating it just seemed to get thicker and thicker, it would’ve helped to get a time frame. I also should’ve consulted with the TWD bakers, but again, I was impatient and in a rush.

Shaping the dough was a bit of a pain since I didn’t keep it in the fridge long enough, it stuck to the new roller and was way too transparent and mushy. But I forced it into shape upon layering the jam, pecans, chocolate chips and pressing the ingredients into the dough and cutting little triangles and rolling it from outside in. They didn’t look pretty, and I overdid it with the chocolate and raisins, I didn’t follow exact measurements I just overdosed because I figured, why not? I didn’t refrigerate the cookies before baking and ended up going way over the 20-25 minute mark, I kept it in there for 40 minutes or so.

The end result: the dough was airy and crispy on the outside and slightly thicker on the inside. There was WAYYY too much chocolate and the jam was too thick. The entire thing was too thick and mushy and ugly. I shaped them crudely and it just looked like a pile of turd wrapped in newspaper or something, vulgar I know but thats what it looked like. My neighbor tried it and had no complaints to make but I admit I didn’t put enough focus on TWD this week and half-way fucked up. Next week’s recipe looks dry and boring, but I never match my predictions so it must be good and I look forward.


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  1. Oh well at least you tried! They still look tasty!

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