Curry Honey Dijon Roasted Chicken and Sides

Sunday was a beautiful crisp & cool sunny day, a relieving break from the clouds and rain that covered us all week. I spent the day reading the paper, buying groceries and frolicking around the park with Mellow. Sun flew by and next thing you know its dark and 5. A few weeks ago my neighbor noticed my empty fish tank and requested we get some fishies for both our tanks. We went for a nice, at times confusing, drive to the Union Square Petco and spent time making our choosings. I went for my usual exotically tailed guppies despite their short life expectancies. They are quick, dump, flat faced, light and beautiful. They’re hiding under a rock at the moment so I can’t take good pictures. Maybe later.

For dinner we cooked a few recipes from one of my favorite food blogs Closet Cooking. Our menu involved Curry Honey Dijon Roasted Chicken with a few additions and alterations to the recipe Kevin gives. 1 of 2 sides were Coconut Butternut Squash which Kevin made alterations to based on another food blog Mango & Tomato. The second dish was a riff off of Kevin’s Chard Sauteed with Raisins and Pine Nuts. Now, enough linkage overload, onto recipes.


The chicken was bursting with pungent flavor. Marinating for an hour must have made the difference in creating that soaked on juicy saucy taste. It was sour and creamy and allowed your taste buds to pucker before indulging in orgasmic reverie. It was a perfect balance between the salty, spicy and sweet. Not to sound self-propagandic, but I did good on this one. And Kevin is right, thighs with skin is much juicier, chewier, and accepting of its marinade than breasts. Every bite of this chicken sent blissful zingers in my mouth and belly, I will definitely be making this again.

As for the coconut butternut squash, I had no measurements to work with, the blog didn’t provide any so, I just dumped enough ingredients for two and then some. I included sweet potatoes and carrots to the recipe as well as pepper, onions and chopped parsley. I poured in an entire can of coconut milk and let it boil and simmer until the potatoes was tender. It was a bit too coconuty, seems like I added too much. I don’t know that the sweetness mixed well with the chicken, might have been better for the veggies not to be so seasoned to the point of replacing the taste and aroma of the veggies themselves.

The last dish was the kale stir fry and it might one of the best sides I’ve made thus far. It was the perfect blend of crispy, bitter, sour, nutty, flavorful and aromatic. How did I achieve such magic? On a pan, I mixed oil, garlic, tamari almonds, and raisins and sauteed for awhile. Then I added kale, capers, and artichoke hearts. I sprinkled salt and pepper, then served. Boy was I served.

This was an all too perfect meal.


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