Sites of the Day

I’m completely drooling over Design*Sponge lately.


They have sections that peek into people’s beautifully designed and furnished homes, a section for DIY home furnishing craft projects, of which I’ve hit inspirational moments (I will put up a peg board in my kitchen to hang my pots and decoupage my ugly white cabinets as well as my gray filing cabinets), and other glorious eye popping features.

This is what I’m doing to my kitchen:


Another site I’m frequently eye gagging over is Lena Corwin’s blog.


She’s a textile designer and illustrator and posts all these pretty things that I want to hoarde and make out with. She’s based in brooklyn and is teaching a stamping class for a whopping $90 Dec 1st and 8th. Pricey but materials are provided for not to mention I get to meet her AND the maker of Design*Sponge. So I’m there, you should too.



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2 responses to “Sites of the Day

  1. Your sables look woufnrdel – I love your sparkly red sugar! I made the spice version, and they were amazing. I want to try all of the other variations too, especially the lemon and the parmesan.

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