Logan Grider at Thierry Goldberg Projects

via TGP site

Ornery, 2008, oil on canvas over panel, 22.5 x 17"

At a recent gallery hop through the Lower East Side I fell upon the paintings of Logan Grider at Thierry Goldberg Projects. I was attracted by the color and size of the paintings, small and manageable, playful with a tinge of conservative. There are references to modernist abstraction but with an energetic rambunctiousness that is crisp and new.

stuck, 2008, oil on canvas over panel, 10 x 12"

stuck, 2008, oil on canvas over panel, 10 x 12

There were about 15 or so paintings in the show each measuring about 15 x 20 inches. I recognized a pattern of 2 tone backgrounds, face profile shapes and a tumble of jagged and smooth lines and forms spilling out of a vacuous plane. Each one is unevenly bordered by a darker shade and within this barrier a play on opaque and subdued colors take shape in what seems to be a layered process of folding and unfolding. The titles seem arbitrary and limits the scope of open interpretation. I found myself looking for a couple in “marriage”, acts of debauchery in “hubris”, war in “courage”. Through these titles Grider appropriates sentiments and the human condition onto the canvas and its valid to say they are an abstract representation for abstract feelings and acts but I felt it was too forceful and kept me honed down to a specific agenda.

Hubris, 2008, oil on canvas over panel, 20x22"

Hubris, 2008, oil on canvas over panel, 20x22

Still I found each painting enjoyable in midst of consumption, I was drawn to each shape and shade, layers of crude origami folds with solids and stripes, light and shadows cast on a non existent dimension. It was simultaneously free and calculated and I think this duality, back and forth ambivalence is what I find so attractive, and perhaps its a new kind of cubism, an alternative perspective of real life, silly and confessional.

All images via Thierry Goldberg Projects website


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