Disentangle at Andreas Grimm

A while back I saw what is definitely one of the best shows this year (which isn’t saying much since I haven’t really seen too many shows this year) at Andreas Grimm in Chelsea. It was titled Disentangle and all the works in some form or another focused on hair. Hair. HAIR! It was quite a hysteircal, jarring and odd show with drawings, sculptures, video, and painting.


The collaborative video with AA Bronson and Nayland Blake titled Coat was definitely the star of the show. I’ve seen this somewhere before, I want to say Brooklyn Museum, or maybe an art fair. Its 3 videos, with each panel focused on one participating artist’s face being smudged in vanilla cream while the other is defaced in chocolate cream, in a third channel the two are disturbingly, face cringingly, making out. Their facial expressions are minimal and serious. It’s borderline vulgar but rings true in political satire, unless I misinterpret.


Other works are images of a girl from the 50’s advertising the wonderous function of hairspray,


a series of drawings illustrating ape-ish invasino of facial and body hair in would should be regal bust images,


and the infamous Vito Acconci eating, what else, but hair. This show made me very happy.


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