Cookie Craze

I’ve been thinking about cookies the last couple days and it’s becoming short of an obsession. I daydream of becoming a cookie connoisseur, having sampled hundreds of cookies and baking each recipe with a perfected pitch. I’ve never been much of a thoughtful crafty christmas gift giver but this year I would like to put a bit more cheer and merriment into the season and basically send everyone a shitload of cookies. I’ve discovered a few places you might like to check out:


Gourmet features a cookie special recalling recipes from 5 decades of magazine issues. The recipes are tempting, the pictures are making me drool and now I am ready to go home and appease this urge with some mini black and whites. Go inspire yourself.


There is a group of baking bloggers who are actually taking 12 straight days to bake cookies from this Gourmet mag special. Check them out starting here. Those florentines might have to make a visit in my mouth.


Epicurious is an amazing recipe site, especially because it archives a few magazines including Gourmet and Bon Appetit. It is currently featuring 25 cookie recipes for December and I’ve bookmarked nearly all.


In the book section Anita Chu of Dessert First turned her hobby into a publication and recently let out a book all about cookies. Sounds like it will be very informative and will serve as my assistant in turning my kitchen into a cookie factory. Can’t wait.


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  1. It is a very informative book. I learned some historoy about cookies I didn’t even know.

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