Chicken Piccata

Over the weekend I was in search of a simple chicken recipe. I also came to the conclusion that I will take a break from mixing all my vegetables and appreciate each vegetable independently so as to get a better sense and appreciation of individual flavors and nuances. So I craved crunchy peas stir fried in ghee salt and pepper and picked up a recipe from my favorite food blog, Closet Cooking, and explored the wondrous world of Chicken Piccata.


Apparently this is an Italian dish, not sure how or why, I’ll take a guess it has to do with the simplicity lemony-ness and the capers. The most brutal and savage but fun part was beating the hell out of the breasts with my meat tenderizer beater pounding away on my counter as my vegetarian roommate roams silently in and out of the kitchen.

Mr. Closet Cooking told me to fry the chicken 2 to 3 minutes per side, but it was more like 10 – 15 minutes per side for me as the insides were still way pink. I had to google dredging and I only came up with some shipping term that sounded inhumane but figure it just meant dipping the chicken in flour on both sides evenly. This in the end gave the chicken a crunchy edge that might have been more burnt than not due to my over-frying. But, this didn’t in fact result in a dry or tasteless chicken, good for me. I didn’t have dry wine but instead used some foreign too sweet dessert wine and I’m hypothesizing this resulted in the all too sour taste, or perhaps it was all that lemon juice and slices. The sauce was still delicious toppled over the chicken and brown rice but again, it was too lemony. I really enjoyed the chewy alternative of the capers, each pop in the mouth brought surge of flavor. This was a very astringent flavorful meal, I ate ALL of it and had a very bad acidic stomach ache shortly thereafter. It was well worth the pain and fetal laying.



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2 responses to “Chicken Piccata

  1. Your chicken piccata looks good! I really liked the strong lemony flavour to this dish.

    I found the wiki dredging article.

  2. If you are frying them its quite silpme. There should be enough oil in the pan about 1/3 to almost 1/2 way full so it doesn’t go everywhere (use a splatter guard if you have one too). The oil is ready when you put a wooden spoon in it (handle side down) and bubbles form around the edge. Once the chicken is breaded, simply toss it in. As long as your nuggets aren’t ginormous they should really only take about 3 minutes per side. Or if your pan is huge, they will float to the top of the oil when ready. Have a meat thermometer? 165 -170 for poultry. Enjoy. Was this answer helpful?

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