Holiday Craft Fairs

I indulged in craft fairs on Sunday, visiting 3rd Ward’s Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and Cafe Grumpy’s Hearts and Crafts Fair founded by barista/crafter Miss Birney. I scored a few cute handmade and printed cards that won’t be sent away but tacked on my wall, a loose knitted baggy cap which I’ve been looking all over the place for and cookies, hot chocolate, muffins galore. O, and nipples.

At 3rd ward there were about 50 vendors displaced in a few separate rooms with funky holiday beats concocted by a hipster dj, it was a fun affair, a bit crowded, a bit kitschy, a perfect combo for an entertaining crowd gazing day.


Simply put: I couldn’t not get these nipples. They were fantastically grotesque, created by what would be a fine artist who makes these on the side for fun. O they were fun, I’m having a blast with them. I also bought one of those naval mugs, I know exactly who to give it to. As for the nipples, they will hang and perk proudly on my fridge.


I don’t think these are for real dogs, they were too small, and didn’t look to warm either, but I love the pattern, so saucy.


I can’t recall her name at the moment but she makes these beautifully decorated cookies all year round, holiday ornamented for this month’s proper occasion. She provides such delicious goodies for catering as well. I shoved my card in her face and told her to hire me as an intern seeing as how she makes all these herself and can probably use an eager and free apprentice.


These tantalizing chocolates are founded by a couple and will open a store in Park Slope. They are also at the Union Square holiday market and will be at Lyceum craft fair in Park Slope next weekend. I tried their hot chocolate which held a special place in a heart that needed warming, no matter how momentary it may have been.


Goodies from The Brooklyn Kitchen. I spotted really cute vintage aprons, but they were only waist high, I would love the ones that actually covered the top. I’ll be patient, I’m sure they’ll come through.


Confession: I have a hideous crush on this man. I should like a hunk of his chocolate. Grossly inappropriate, sorry. Him and his brother make chocolate in a factory near my house which is why I see them so often and I as a result, drool and daydream. Their Mast Brothers Chocolate goods can be found in a few places but even more exciting is their store that will soon open in W’burg. He seemed a bit annoyed I wanted him in the picture, but that’s probably because everyone wants his picture and its become a monotonous task, this distributing of good looks… Their site here. (on a side note, this image was used in a Brooklyn Based tip sheet, here)


Over at Cafe Grumpy, it was a much smaller affair, maybe 20 vendors or so with cute little nifty crafty things for your DIY pleasure. These cute little square paintings were created by 7 year olds, a relative of the vendor, it will probably be very similar to what I end up making in the next few days, more on that later.


I love the baby card. It clearly says: o mother earth (or Obama, you choose), please save me from this economic plunge that will ever increase in 2009, I bring peace and prosperity and will never leave carbon footprints or  engage in war, I won’t buy houses I can’t afford and will grow my own vegetables. heh.


Apologizes for the fuzziness, I remember seeing these little humpty dumpty creatures at Renegade this past June and I bought a handmade and painted card because these little pots were a bit pricey, but still irresistible.


These hand sewn banner were strewn across the cafe walls, very cute, very DIY.

There are many more craft fairs to visit this month, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by them but have caught this contagious holiday spirit and will share with you some more in the coming days.


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