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I’ve got two cookie posts for you here today because time whizzed by and I wasn’t able to write about the Linzer Sables which was last week’s choice by Living the Life. This week’s cookie of desire was Grandma’s all-occasion Sugar Cookies as chosen by Kuchenlatein.  Both cookies were neither eye popping nor orgasmic in the mouth but they will get credit for good job back pats and midnight cookie foraging. They had there ups and downs but was overall goodness acrossness.


Now I have no idea what the difference is between European and American style baking, especially in the field of cookie making but I’ve concluded these were too nutty for my palate. There were 2 cups of ground almonds to 1 cup flour and this created a really crunchy and thick texture that upon biting broke apart and landed in your mouth in speckled pieces. There wasn’t enough sugar sweetness in this recipe despite having sprinkled it with sugar (I’ve discovered the aesthetic ingenious tool that is the flour/sugar duster, which weren’t used here but was used for the sugar cookies, a vast difference in an even light spread across the cookie plane) and with the jam in between. My mistake came I think when I simmered the jam for too long, there was no time frame indicated in the recipe so I ended up with really goopy thick almost burnt taste jam. I used Sarabeth’s Strawberry Rhubarb which is thin, a bit diluted but amazingly delicious on its own. Not to mention the dough was relentlessly mushy and impossible to work with, but this was a learning experience. Now I know and have basically gotten down the process of rolling, cutting and dispensing onto baking sheet: keep the dough as cold as possible, when getting too malleable kick it to the freezer for a few minutes, roll quickly with speedy hands, use that cookie cutter stampeding along the surface and use that handy dough bench to swiftly scrape the dough from the bottom and have it peel off and plop onto the baking sheet. Easy as that. It becomes a mechanical habitual act after the first time and it was quite a gratifying experience to know I kinda get it now. Amazing. Despite this I don’t know that I will make these again. I would like the sandwiched jam filling with the peekaboo hole (which I made with a hoison sauce cap, making sure to wash before and after use) but with a recipe that is more of shortbread cookie consistency, that was my favorite. I suppose this would be a healthier choice or for a more crunchier thicker nutty alternative to a basket of sugary savory sweetness. Find the recipe here.


As for the all occasion sugar cookies, they were much easier to handle and very simple and minimal in its ingredients. Perhaps it was easier because I’ve finally gotten the hang of the roll, cut, dispense technique which was unbelievably therapeutic and self-gratifying. Now this is a recipe for a proper cookie: slightly crispy on the outside, mushy doughy on the inside that gave it a crackle and chew. That dynamic alone makes this cookie a delicious simple addition to a tin of varieties. For the sugar sprinkle I used my new favorite tool, the flour/sugar grater (see how much more even the spread is compared to the sables above?) and added 1 part ground cinnamon to 2 parts confectioner’s sugar. This gave it an amazing seasoned subtle tinge to the buttery sugary goodness and I’m very proud of having made this addition. Now I will need some more cookie cutter shapes so they don’t all end up looking the same. I don’t know that I will include this in my xmas cookie list, I’ll have to experiment with some more to decide. I made a very large batch, this brought close to 50 cookies, if you want some chucked your way, just holler! Recipe can be found here. Check out the TWD blogroll to judge how everyone else did.


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