Cookie Takedown

Saturday I participated in a cookie contest organized by the very hilarious Matt Timms of Chili Takedown.

I look so small

I look so small

A few times a year he gets people riled up about chili, fondue and now, cookies. There were I think about 15 or so recipes sprawled out along the bar at the Soft Spot in Willyburg and for the event I baked four dozen chocolate cookies with raisins soaked in gin. The recipe is from Gourmet’s favorite cookies feature and although I did not win 1st place, I was very happy to have participated.


I soaked raisins overnight in gin and used regular purple raisins as I didn’t have any golden raisins, and I’m wondering if there is a difference in taste or consistency between them. Toasting the pecan in the oven was a breeze except I over toasted the first batch leaving a bit of a burnt taste. I lathered it in butter and left it in the oven for 10 minutes. The recipe is a bit exotic and unconventional using 3 egg whites, an overdose of powdered sugar, ground pecans, espresso powder (I just used hazelnut coffee, it’s all I had) and those gin raisins. This brought a mix of flavors and consistencies, the cookie itself was very sweet, almost too chewy like taffy, the chocolate thick and heavy, the hazelnut and pecans brought a crunchy savory nutty flavor that juxtaposed with the chewiness of the raisin topping. Unfortunately I didn’t get drunk off the gin but  I will concluded these cookies were too much packed into too little, each character wanted center attention and they just couldn’t get it. It still tasted good though and I have some raisins left over so might make some more, or perhaps add them into my next planned cookie: iced gingerbread cookies….with raisins soaked in gin.


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  1. The competition must have been fierce, because your gin soaked raisin cookies were crazy good!

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