Lyceum Craft Fair


Over the weekend I trekked my way over to Lyceum in Park Slope hopes to find presents. Presents I did not buy but cards I did, many of them. But I won’t be using them to mail, but rather to tack on my pretty walls. There were many nifty things one could buy as presents, I just have a hard time doing the get something random and cool for a person, I feel more comfortable grueling and laboring over something that is specific and significant to an individual person. But at the rate I’m going now I’m regretting not buying anything.

A few nifty things I found:

img_0385Really awesome prints on Moleskine journals using deep underwater creatures.

img_0384Cute collage made out of magazine shreds.

img_0386Your very own Obama face bag. What a handsome man.

img_03872Images made out of repeptitive needle poked holes. Minimal, white, abstract, very nice. I bought three of them and vertically lined them on my wardrobe door.

img_0388Cute fox.

img_0389Cute bibs, although I would imagine you’d have to wash them constantly and they’d shrink to the size of your thumb.

img_0390Cute necklaces for all the hipsters in your life.

img_0392I like the one to the right, how appropriate. They were too expensive to buy.

img_0394For the boys.

img_0396Yoga mats. I love the Japanese fabric, would make a great curtain or tablecloth.

img_0399Crafty decorative paintings.

img_0400Turd necklace at center. It’s called the deux.

Looking back now I REALLY regret not buying any of the things shown above. Next year I will have to be better prepared. Can you believe xmas is in 2 days?!! Confounded.


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