Supper Clubs

From the latest Brooklyn Based newsletter, I ran into a website called The Ted Allen and Amy Sedaris Supper Club. In it is a wondrous world of strangers gathered for dinner in a cozy apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Two residents, not Ted Allen and Amy Sedaris but their dopplegangers Adam and Kara host and cook the dinners for these 10-12 guests and share in gastrorgasmic revelrie and hysterical banter. This idea of opening up your home to welcome strangers to enjoy dinner is such a great idea for me, I love having a house full of people, no matter how strange or stranger they may be. I’ve rsvp’d for the next dinner on Jan 8th, let’s see how it goes.

These supperclubs are pretty exclusive and secret from what I’m reading. There is a great article in Edible Brooklyn titled Supping in Secret that talks about a few of these supper clubs and immediately I wished I were a part of it, and I hope to be soon. There are a few great ones that I was able to find a website for,  the Brooklyn Food Group, and The Whisk and Ladle. I’m not sure whether or not they are still active, and what other clubs are prancing around Brooklyn, but this is so inspiring I can’t stand it. The Christmas eve dinner I cooked was such a success and I would love to do it again and again for many friends and soon to be friends, and hope this will be the start of it all.


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  1. juju73

    I’ve heard of these! I hope you’ll post after the supper club meets!

    Happy 2009!

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