On the Brian Lehrer show this morning Slate columnist Farhad Manjoo shares an article he wrote about the online frugal movement. In this time of ominous recession and flunking economy people are adapting ways to save and live with more consciousness in their consuming habits. This is a great means to simplify an overloaded lifestyle, becoming more mindful and rational in everyday and not so everyday purchases. Spending less might risk deepening the recession but I think as long as we make purchases that are affordable and sensible, this will help both the individual and the economy.

I think the oncoming recession and incessant superficiality of our culture created a surge in the DIY movement and this is also another way to live frugally and creatively, making your own presents, cooking your own food, decorating your place with handmade goods, etc. This not only helps the economy as you purchase the needed supplies, you use your creative energy that can only bring positivity and happiness and healthy pride.

A few links to help be the next frugalist:

Farhad Manjoo’s article “The Frugal Life: The best web sites to help you scrimp through the recession”

Wisebread: A great informative forum on frugal living. I especially liked 6 simple side dishes that save money article.

Frugal Dad: For the dads.

Frugal Village: includes tips on finding and shopping in salvage grocery stores. I wonder if there is one in Brooklyn? super informative defining frugal living and multiple resources. Rememer: Frugal living means smarter spending and harnessing creativity, where can you go wrong?

Top 50 Frugality Bloggers

Slickdeals: follows deals from all sorts of retailers

Niftythrifty: on frugalist traveling

mint: an amazing way to manage your money!

Go ahead. Frugalize. I dare you.


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