Reader II: Jan 6, 2009

– Mystery smell. (via NYT)

– Man babies. (via artfagcity)

3157398413_5c2cb86e4e– Monkey loose at MoMA. (via MoMA twitter)

– Museums in distress and whether or not they can sell their collection to pay bills. (via NPR and Time and MAN)


– Stagey photographs by Sam Bassett. (via notcot)

– the photographic dictionary. (via ackackack)

– Sotheby’s is next. Tobias Meyer is seedy. (via Culturegrrl)

ibreath. (via onedayatatime)

– Bittman’s new book about Pollan-esque strategic eating and health. (via the search was the thing and salon)

– DIY cleaning products. (via craftzine)

– Steve Jobs shrinking with the ipod. (via nymag)


– make your own kara walker. (via the heart of papercuts)

– 2009 color prediction. (via coco+kelley)

– cold remedy drinks. I prefer not to drink garlic. (via everybody likes sandwiches)

– grocery monitor. (via internet food association)


– I love Manchego. (via the kitchn)

– I want the new Animal Collective. (via pitchfork)


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