Reader: Jan 6, 2009

– I’m not politically saavy but this rings true for me regarding Israel/Palestine conflict. (via Daily Kos)


– I want this. (via one day at a time)

– The future of PS1 after Alanna Heiss’ leave. (via WNYC)

– The Great Depression II. (via NYT)

– Make a magnetic painting noteboard. (via Design Sponge)

– All you can drink Sangria. (via

Interview with Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking:from My Home to Yours. (via Tuesdays with Dorie)


– French pear tart. MmmMm. (via Dorie Greenspan)


– Edward Winklman is publishing a book on how to start and run an art gallery. Should be a bestseller in no time. (via Edward Winkleman)



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2 responses to “Reader: Jan 6, 2009

  1. juju73

    Wonderful post…I am infatuated with these tarts…I can’t stop eating them. Thank God I made mini’s….

  2. Joann

    i didn’t get to do my tuesday with dorie baking today, but i plan to make these tarts in a few days. yumM!!

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