Reader: Jan 7, 2009

– A curated series of videos. (via whyandwherefore)

– Great art video resource. (via artfagcity)

– Semen is nutritious. (via one day at a time)

– A cozy for a water tower.(via craft magazine)

– Electronic unemployment system crashes. we are doomed. (via ABC)


– Eat more whole grains such as farro. (via closet cooking)

– 11 best foods you aren’t eating. (via NYT)

– Support for emerging artists. (via newsgrist)


– Doodling during jury duty. (via psfk)

– This week’s astrology report. (vis Rob Brezsny)

– What it means to miss Brooklyn. (via Brooklyn Based)


– Photograph from Life. (via i heart photograph)

– Calling all art bloggers! There will be a think tank meeting Jan 18 at Pocket Utopia 4pm to discuss many random things. Do come! (via two coats of paint)

– Artfagcity predicts trends in art world in 2009. (via L Mag)

– I’m glittering. (via AFG)


– Do the Zombie Shuffle. (via AFG)


– Dogs in art. (via c-monster)

– As if there aren’t enough artists using garbage, I mean, “found materials”. (via c-monster)

obama-action-figure-hope– Toy hope. (via c-monster)

– Hipster recession 101. (via gothamist)


– Obsessive Consumption bought this today.

– Obama’s pledge for the arts. (via art newspaper)

– Josephine Meckseper interview. (via the search was the thing)

– Daily routines. (via the search was the thing)

– The future of art criticism. (via village voice)


– Behind the scenes at Martha Stweart Living. (via dsharp)

– eating healthy for less. (via not eating out in ny)

– half-n-half vs. cream. (via the kitchn)



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2 responses to “Reader: Jan 7, 2009

  1. Water tower cozy…. taking christo to a whole new level. How long to crochet the cozy??

  2. Joann

    I think it was 3 weeks of serious speed knitting. insanity.

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