Reader: Jan 11, 2009

bell2-web– Conceptual rings. (via artfagcity)

– Fruit mystery, flash game to feed animals. It is hysterical. (via artfagcity)

– Wiki defines artblog. (via artfagcity)

– Richard Prince sued for copyright infringement. (via C-monster)

– State of art journalism, especially in Seattle. (via C-monster)

– 2009 NY museum previews. (via C-monster)

– City living dulls your thinking. (via C-monster)

– Marth Stewart’s cookie of the day. (via contemporary confections)

– What’s next in contemporary art. (via Edward Winkleman)


– Visit Israel. (via eyeteeth)

– Jerry Saltz just facefriended me. (via Oly’s Musings)

01cityJellocity. (via hrag vartanian)

– Read Susan Sontag’s journals. (via looking around)

– MAO top 10 photobooks of 08. (via Modern Art Obsession)

209 Reasons Brooklyn is so damn Badass. (via one day at a time)

– Interview with Holland Cotter. (via the search was the thing)

3boh3gygpih734gr19r0c4i8o1_500– I’m an asshole. (via slapclap)

– Animated crayola drawings. But why does everything have to just fall? (via notcot)

– Witnessed the no pants improv performance yesterday on the blue line. (via gothamist)

– Visit your doctor on the internet. (via psfk)

– Handmade craft toys threated with safety act. (via psfk)

3181716758_6a649f2c4b– Beach house atop 1st street and 1st ave. (via scouting ny)

– Jack White interviews Cate Blanchett, very funny and surreal. (via slapclap)

– Vice’s new fashion blog, dirty hipster friendly. (via glamcanyon)

– How to look french… (via a cup of jo)

– Young folk too busy to sit for a meal. (via bitten)

– Kids’ letters to Obama. cute. (via McSweeny’s)

2997142531_570eaea28d– Growing up starwars flickr pool. (via freewilliamsburg)

– Prepare for flu season. (via dailykos)

– Sunday pundit round up. (via dailykos)


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