Reader: Jan 16, 2009

– Andrew Wyeth dies at 91. An artful thoughtful obituary. (via NYT and artblog comments)

– Roof sex. Balloon sex. (via apt therapy and C-monster)

– 20 superfast beef recipes. (via Cooking Light)


– Triple ginger cookies. MmMmm. (via 101 cookbooks)

– Lawrence weiner interview. (via tatemodern)

– Art fag city’s worst of the web 2008. (via art fag city)

– Triple Canopy interweb magazine. (via artcal)

– Putin as painter. blegh. (via artjournal)


– What was that infamous Obama poster based on? And make your own Shepard Fairey portrait. (via C-monster)

blank– Working on a pot farm has got many perks, and I never knew they looked so pretty. (via C-monster)

– Four kids separating covering Metallica. (via i heart photograph)

– Laser made bike lanes. (via gothamist)

– Report form the hudson plane crash. funny. (via hipster runoff)

– Use social networking to find a job. (via psfk)


– Roasted lamb in coffee sauce. (via closet cooking)

– 8 rich yet light pasta sauces. (via the kitchn)

– Operation slickpubes. Gross. (via freewilliamsburg)


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  1. I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

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