Coconut Macaroons

Saturday I was having a get together at my house celebrating a friend’s marriage and pregnancy and I thought what better time than now to bake them macaroons I’ve been drooling over at Choice cafe near work. I had it for the first time a few weeks back and have seen these white round jagged snowballs on display for awhile and have hesitated to try in fear it would be dry and bland. I was way off course because upon taking the first bite of these not too sweet, chewy, slightly crunchy, coconut cookies were di-fucking-vine. Since then I ordered at least 3 of these monstrous balls of breathing orgasms and vowed to find a recipe that would provide a similarly cathartic affect.


I wasn’t able to find many recipes for these delightful goods but chose this one from dlyn and prayed for the best. The recipe seemed so simple and unintimidating and it rings true when I say this is probably the fastest, easiest, healthiest (in that there is no butter or egg yolk and only a small amount of sugar) baked beauty I’ve made thus far. I ended with about two dozen medium sized macaroons which you don’t see in this picture but I’ve lined the base with melted bittersweet chocolate. I kept mine in the oven for 15 minutes which made it crunchier than preferred, so I now know to keep it to 12 minutes.Which doesn’t mean they weren’t chewy and soft. They were. Very much so. It was just amazing, there are no words to describe the awesomeness of coconut macaroons. The balance between a refreshing and significantly unique taste that is coconut mixed with a creamy sweet mixture that is neither heavy nor buttery is perfection compartmentalized. Everyone at the dinner loved it as well and rest assured this will not be the last time you see these delectable indescribably beautiful delights.

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  1. Gosh, you sound positively in love with the humble macaroon!! You may be interested in the religion that is based on the divine coconut macaroon:

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