Reader: Jan 19, 2009

– Why +Wherefore continues their curated 7 by 7 project. (via why+wherefore)

at4_soulmates– A friend made this Valentines card, available at Art School Girl. (via Travis)

– The vatican will be in the next Venice Biennial. (via art 21)

– “As long as you see wild fluctuations on Wall Street, no one will spend a lot of money on art…it seems the wrong time to be buying what is, after all, an inessential purchase.” (via art newspaper)


– Go see Peter Doig and Gavin Brown. (via Art Observed)

– Artists colonize Sunset Park. (via NYMag)


– How George Groz’s works reflect America now. (via Modern Art Notes)

– Jerry Saltz trashes Dumas on Facebook. (via C-monster)

– Poster boy cuts and collages subway posters. Plus video interview. (via C-monster and Wooster Collective)

– Shepard Fairey on Colbert Report and on Obama. (via Eyeteeth and Wooster Collective)


– Ron Amstutz. He was in the group show at White Columns that I loved. Artist’s website here. (via i heart photograph)

– Just in case you want to sell your Hirst and Wiley. (via Modern Art Obsession)

– Crafting, especially quilting, during an economic downfall. (via Craft Mag)

– Computer generated knitting. (via Craft Mag)

– Look, no sweat stains. (via NY mag)

– More vulgar sex stories. Are they real?  (via NY mag)

yhst-13864406963717_2030_2146881– Another cute Vday idea. (via notcot)

– Cute cut out animation music video. (via notcot)

– Interview with John Hodgman. (via fucked in park slope)


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One response to “Reader: Jan 19, 2009

  1. meg b

    that levi weaver video is amazing. i love it. i want to send it to everyone i know.

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