Chicken and Dumplings

I needed to do something with my carrots and celery. ASAP. I was searching and couldn’t find many things other than soup to incorporating these two veggies in. Then on reader this recipe for chicken and dumplings came through the blog bread & honey. This is a food blog that I enjoy reading for its personal touch, their badassness, their youngness but maternal nurturingness, and their creatively tweeked recipes. I saw this recipe this morning and couldn’t wait to try it for dinner tonight. Here is the outcome:


This soup was thick and creamy, nourishing, homey, comforting, and very filling. I feel guilty for adding 2 cups of heavy cream, I certainly feel like heavy cream right now, but it was too warming and relieving to consume, I couldn’t care if there were 20 cups of cream in it. I made the mistake of leaving the top off while it was simmering for 20 minutes which I think just let out too much steam and left the broth a bit too thick, meaning leftovers for the next few days will be quite mushy. I added a few leaves of sage with the thyme and bay leaves which is my new favorite herb combination, I think I’ll start adding sage and thyme into EVERYTHING. It compliments the soups and creates a distinct flavor without being dramatic. The dumplings I worked with my hands and tore chunks with my fingers and chugged it into a simmering pot and that was the most gratifying and fun part of this recipe, getting my hands dirty. Love getting my hands dirty.


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