Reader: Jan 21, 2009


– I like the idea of painting just the top quarter of the wall leading to the ceiling. (via Apartment Therapy)

– On the inaugural speech. (via NYT)

– How does Bittman cook in that small kitchen? With ease. (via Bitten)


– Inauguration photos. How romantic. (via  NYT)

– She is so lucky. He is so lucky. (via youtube)

– Ted Kennedy suffers seizure during luncheon, and Obama’s response. (via art fag city)

– Inauguration recap with Jon Stewart. (via The Daily Show)

– It’s unanimous. Everyone hated the poem. (via C-monster)


– (via dailyopia)

– Brezsny’s astrology tells me to concentrate on embryonic forms. (via Free Will Astrology)

– Craig’s Kitchen is holding a stuff swap this Saturday, but even MORE exciting is Dessert Corps, volunteer bakers making something sweet for the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. You know where I’ll be. (via Brooklyn Based)


– I’ll pay you a lifetime worth of cookies if you get me a date with Obama’s speech writer, the infamous 27 year old, Jon Favreau. (via artfagcity)

– Art market may take 3-5 years to recover. (via artsjournal)

– I am in favor of a white house art adviser. (via modern art notes)

– 8 racist words you use everday. (via C-monster)

– Hysterical boxing kangaroo. (via C-monster)

– Funny and cute documentary about misconceptions of sex and childbirth. (via eyeteeth)

– Alec Soth’s Last Days of W. (via Eyeteeth)


– The Manifest Hope show in DC. More pictures here. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Is Obama President? (via One day at a time)


– Inauguration in Lego. (via Craft Mag)

– Post it notes in public. (via notcot)


– Make ketchup. (via eat make read)


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