Reader : Jan 27, 2009

– “My man’s got a heart like a rock cast in the sea” Etta James: St. Louis Blues

– A dappier perspective in the economic crisis for museums. He’s in denial. (via artsjournal)


– Love the mismatched chairs. More cool pictures of the house here. (via design sponge)

– Saatchi will host an art reality show. Who wants to be the next startist? (via Edward Winkleman)

Interview with Museum of Bad Art’s Michael Frank. (via Off Center)


– Lowlights of revealing your vagina to the worst dudes. Hysterical!!! (via thrillist)

– A book explains that “art making evolved among humans as a means of demonstrating physical and cognitive fitness to potential mates” (via art observed)


– I get mixed feelings about Julie Evan’s paintings, but these drawings are amazing. (via Artblog Comments)

– “If my vagina could appreciate art, what would it want to see?” Pipilotti Rist at MoMA of course! (via C-monster)

– Brandeis U’s Rose Art Museum has sunk. (via culture grrl)

– Turn your handwriting into font. Also, we’re on a post handwriting world. (via one day at a time and psfk)

– William Powhida’s narrative on the lemonade stand gone awry in Miami. (via William Powhida)


– via Zoe Strauss

Gallery Honou will have a show on embroidery artists. (via craft zine)

– Edible Settlers of Catan. (via craftzine)

– Wood carved iphone holder. (via craftzine)

– This week’s sex diaries. (via NY mag)

– Hipster Run Off on being cyber bully. I love this blog. (via hipster runoff)


T-tash. Nice bod. Nice face. Yum. (via notcot)

– 15 creative, innovative, hilarious parking solutions. (via notcot)

– Eyebrow dancing. (via psfk)


David Horvitz. (via design is mine)


– Cute photo decor project. And I’ve  been checking her blog for the last hour and am in love. with her. and her blog. and she’s in my neighborhood. You know what means… (via a cup of jo)

– Obama and Michelle. Fisting? (via free williamsburg)


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2 responses to “Reader : Jan 27, 2009

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  2. nan

    funny, this is a friend of a friend….she goes to FIT

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