Ted Allen and Amy Sedaris Supper Club

Last Friday I attended the Ted and Amy Sedaris Supper Club dinner at the residence of starter Kara Masi. A total of 8 attendants (plus the 2 hosts)were there and I had a grand ol’ time.


The food served consisted of butternut squash soup with bacon bits sprinkled over top, shrimp also wrapped in bacon, and grits with bits of corn. The best part was the creme brulee, torch watching was a treat in and of itself. The guests ranged in profession and hobby: a librarian, a fellow who makes things, Pratt students and administrators, computer techs, and a brooklyn museum employee. There was much to chatter about and everyone was surprisingly vibing to the stranger environment. It was a great alternative social project and a healthy convenient means to meet new people and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. I am curious to know what the other supper clubs that float around Brooklyn are all about.


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