Reader: Jan 28, 2009

– R.I.P. John Updike. (via NYT)

– The Recession and how to live through it. (via Arthur mag)

– Great museum shows across US. (via artlog)

Jon Kessler on guitar and harmonica, I’ve seen him play before and it was awesome. Playing Mar 6, get your tix now. (via performa)

kermit041– archive vs. kermit. (via i heart photograph)

Skating on Fridays at Prospect Park is cheap and late. Get them blades out. (via brooklyn based)

– More on Saatchi’s art reality competition reality show. (via art observed)

Petition in opposition to closing of Rose art museum. (via art fag city)


Winners of the P.S.1 Young Architect’s Program. (via NYT)

– On R.H. Quaytman’s show at Miguel Abreu. (via art cal)

– Inflatable work kills two. (via artsjournal)

– 50 most loathsome people in America. The illustrations are great. (via c-monster)

– Brooklyn paper editor models nude for 3rd ward. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Best artblogs in NYC. (via hungry hyena)

– How art theft works. (via matthew langley)

– A designer’s 85 notebooks. (via one day at a time)

– Suicidal man survives bridge jump. (via gothamist)

– Where to watch superbowl. (via gothamist)

– Sugar lumps. (via youtube)



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2 responses to “Reader: Jan 28, 2009

  1. I’ve created a ‘Reader Monster!’

  2. Joann

    hahaha, this is just a good way to actually read through my reader subscriptions, there are hundreds…if i don’t do this it just piles up and overwhelms me, then i combust!

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