Reader: Feb 4, 2009


– Jen Bekman’s 20×200 Wed edition: Kevin Miyazaki. Check out his blog too. (via Jen Bekman)

– Daschle steps down, Obama admits embarrasment, media and republicans in a craze to distact from stimulus plan. (via NYT)

– On thumbs and dolphins. (via Arthur mag)

Rob Brezsny tells me to plant that weed and make it blossom. (via free will)

– e-flux journal #3 is out. (via e-flux)


I LEGO NY. cute. (via NYT)

– Crying is totally cathartic. Scientists say otherwise. boohoo. (via NYT)

– Damien Hirst designs Darwin cover. (art observed)


– I’ve started seeing these in my neighborhood, nice to see a face behind the empty shadows. (via james wagner)

Evan Penny at Sperone Westwater. Looks good. (via art observed)

– An artist paints your facebook profile picture. I have a good for him. (via art fag city)

– AFC explores the Onion archive. (via art fag city)

– I can’t believe how sad I am right now to hear the Union Square Peeler Man has passed. And what a story his life was. RIP sweet peeler man. (via c-monster)

– For all aspiring artists, winkleman offers sound advice. (via edward winkleman)

– MoMA takes over Atlantic Ave station to lure Brooklynites. (via gothamist)

– Heart as Arena notices a few more things made by people from the dinner. thank you again!! (via heart as arena)


– 19th cent. albinos. (via i heart photograph)

– A close up look of Morandi by Modern Art Notes. (via MAN)

Oly’s Musings on Nick Cave and Fred Sandback. (via Oly’s Musings)

– The infamous hipster run off is interviewed, we are still confused. (via free williamsburg)

Ex-masterbators. (via free williamsburg)


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