Guild and Greyshkul: On From Here opening/closing

Last night was the closing reception of not a show, but the gallery, and I am sad to see them go as I have seen many a fantastic shows at Guild and Greyshkul. The space was as crowded as I would’ve expected, packed to the brim, resulting in beer shortage, uncomfortably close proximity exchange, and inevitably, toppled sculptures and paintings brushed along hands, bottles, and jackets. A friend and I were the unofficial artwork guardians, taking pictures of spectators taking pictures and chatting up a storm, nudging between and under to view the overabundance of artwork installed, even those unluckily paintings hung just a few inches off the floor. I couldn’t help thinking how odd it would be to be involved in a show of such grandiose hype and scale and gather all your friends to view that small painting you painted hanging on the far corner an inch off the floor that can only be seen by crouching in the most anti art viewing etiquette means. I had a bunch of a good time making fun and taking pictures of works I can’t put a name to, a visual review below.

img_0478A merry crowdimg_0480Unfortunately void of good looking people.

img_0483Except for maybe the purple Octopus man, wonder if he’s single…img_0484

His performance stirred the crowd

img_0485They were as enamored as we were.

img_0487They were too bewildered to notice one of two glass sculptures topple to the floor, only to be kindly replaced by a nice lady (artist?)

img_0495This was our favorite. Textured streaked painting that was red when seen from one side,

img_0496And blue from the other. Fascinating.

img_0486A delicate pencil drawing, simple and beautiful abstraction,

img_0498A mechanically functional looking wooden sculpture, raw and unfinished in hue and gradation,

img_0500Remember in elementary school obsessively repetitively writing the letter S? We were fascinated by the uniform of short lines drawn vertically then connected with diagonla interconnections. Its present on the upper left corner of this statue of liberty sketch. Very random.

img_0504Paper boat construction afloat above us all,

img_05082Paper construction of what looks like roads, buildings collaged and shaped like the US

img_0506Took a while to figure out what that said. I barely paid attention to the filled in painting.

img_0507Animated picnic table cloth, pins marching.

img_0509Orgy with Grasshopper.

img_0510Grumpy old joggers with fanny packs.

img_0512Horses. and lots of them. Creepy.

img_04881After awhile I quit taking pictures of what was on the wall and just snapped the crowd.

img_0503Isn’t that the guy behind The Journal? O and here’s Olivia, bedazzled.

img_0505This made our night.

Some bloke: is that real?

Olivia: it’s scratch and sniff.


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  1. Sven

    Hi that was my pencil drawing(the one that seems abstract). Thanks for the complement!; interesting blog you have…

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