Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Last night I baked pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I haven’t baked in maybe 2 weeks or so and I missed it. I missed the marked precision of measurements, the simple and minimal approach to ingredients, the alchemy, chemistry, mixology these few ingredients stir, the lingering aroma of orgasmic sweetness presiding over the apartment, and the sheer satisfaction of opening the oven, revealing the baked good to the world, proud and glorious knowing it is my creation, that despite following strict instructions, the end product is mine. In the same vein of Sol Lewitt’s conceptual art where the instructions are provided but end product is your creation and everyone can be an artist, well, everyone can be a baker.

I made this bread for the Brooklyn Soup Kitchen, their weekly dessert corps section where 10 volunteers bake enough goods to serve 10 and donate to the kitchen wednesdays. This is my first time volunteering and I’m looking forward to helping out tomorrow. The recipe I found online with the help of the organizers at Craig’s Kitchen and here is how it came out:


Looks good don’t it?

The recipe allowed me to make this in 2 bread pans which I had to retreive with the quickness at my favorite shop The Brooklyn Kitchen. One will be for tomorrow and the other, my midnight snack. We all tried a slice and everyone seemed to enjoy it, except me. I’ve never had pumpkin bread before so don’t know exactly how bready and dry it’s supposed to be, but I felt it was a bit too thick and certainly not sweet enough. I was definitely able to take the pumpkin and the chocolate chips definitely helped but I don’t really know that this is the right recipe for me. I did use olive oil rather than veggie oil because that’s all I had, can that possibly have made it so thick and dry? I also added another 1/2 cup of chips becuase you can never have enough chips, and I probably should’ve added some more. So what would make this bread a little sweeter?

Recipe here.

More about Craig’s Kitchen.


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  1. It looks great…the olive oil probably effected the taste and texture. I love the pumpkin and chocolate combo, extra chips never hurt anything!

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