Reader: Feb 10, 2009

– NYT One in 8 Million series covers extra-ordinary individuals living in the city, such as the 90 year old W’burg cheesemaker. (via NYT)

Troubles of business traveling breastfeeding mothers. (via NYT)

– O my GOD. Joseph Beuys on Reagan. Singing. (via eyeteeth)

– Have local organic groceries delivered to your door. (via brooklyn based)

– Shepard Fairey countersues AP. (via NYT)

– How to unlock a masterlock. (via Brett)

– Do we need a dept. of food? (via NYT)

– I love this without the least bit of irony.

– Info on the New Museum’s exciting Younger than Jesus show. (via art observed)

– Spinal Tap interview. Very funny. (via art fag city)


This is why you’re fat. (via art fag city)

– Art Fag City’s Paddy Johnson speaks tomorrow at NurtureArt. (via art fag city)

– The Guild and Greyshkul story. (via NYT)

– What is crime and what is art? Fairey went from hero to villain in seconds. Fragility. (via artsjournal)

Abstract nipples not allowed in the show. (via artsjournal)

– Koreans are a cruel, racist race. Thank god I’m not one of ’em. (via world’s best ever)


– Tree bench. (via dailyopia)

– Musicians perform in cabs. This is a great great series. (via eyeteeth)

– Improv Everywhere strikes again. Morning commute high fives. Smile. (via gothamist)

– The show with the pianist in the piano, rolling through the gallery, video. Ingenious. (via hatchets and skewers)


– Pepsi logo redo. (via psfk)

– Great interview of Christopher Reiger of Hungry Hyena. (via hungry hyena)

– On Elizabeth Peyton. (via Off Center)


– Can I get a swedish designer girlfriend to make my apt look like this too? Not to mention they’re from W’burg. (via design*sponge)

– Funny take on Pipilotti Rist. “You can keep your flowers, boobies, and dirty furniture filled with lazy people leaving their bacteria all over” (via Oly’s Musings)

– Hipster run off covers the grammys. hysterical. (via hipster run off)


– I want this. (via notcot)

Not eating out in NY on Matt Timm’s Chili Takedown. I missed out. (via not eating out in NY)

– A pig in W’burg. (via free williamsburg)

– AP calls Obama a liar. (via Dailykos)


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