Reader: Feb 12, 2009

Rob Brezsny says I will find someone who can baske in our mutually compatible weirdness. (via free will astrology)

– How to avoid trapped arm whilst cuddling in bed. (via Matteo)

– Blowing your nose when sick is bad. (via NYT)

– I agree them fertility clinics should quite injecting so many embryos. (via NYT)

– Make Obama your Valentine. (via photojojo)

– Binocular soccer. (via Cristina)

– Some harsh, ignorant words on Fairey. (via artsjournal)

– Zach Feuer cuts artist roster in half. (via artsjournal)

– Giant Obama sand portrait. Vik Muniz style. (via eyeteeth)


– I want this cup. (via fffound)

– Hrag Vartanian gets his portrait picture taken. I want to try too. (via hrag vartanian)

– MAN interviews Mark Grotjahn. (via MAN)


Fuck faces. (via the worlds best ever)

– I love the crazy piano guy. (via oly’s musings)

– Google, liquidated. (via wooster collective)


– A crafter’s room. Love it. (via dsharp)

– Excruciatingly painful interview of Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Speechless. (via gothamist)

– New Rubik’s cube is a sphere. (via notcot)

– New take on gallery space. (via psfk)

– Your moment of Flight of the Concords. Filmed at Greenpoint’s Gutter. (via williamsburg is dead)


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One response to “Reader: Feb 12, 2009

  1. Joe

    it’s hard to tell whether Joaquin Phoenix was faking it or not during that Letterman interview, especially since he’s such a talented actor…

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