Sweet Tooth of the Tiger

I can’t believe it. I thought I’ve created an ingenious never been thought idea. Alas, I have been humbled.

I’ve been thinking of ways to combine my love for baking with my love for art as well as a need for supplementary income and had an ah ha! moment when I realized I can be the cookie lady in the art world serving cookies and other baked goods during openings and other social art events. I was so excited with the idea and have been meaning to propose my offer to galleries, especially those who are thinking of discontinuing or have already discontinued the serving of free alcohol. It would be a perfect replacement for any gallery hoping to cut down their expenses and would always, always, guarantee a happy crowd.



It’s already being done.

I am very. very. sad.

In the most recent TONY issue there was a blurb on Tracy Candido and her Sweet Tooth of the Tiger which serves sweets at art openings and community events around town. She is an independent curator and grad student at NYU. I can’t help but envy and her place in the world at the moment in sulk in doom and unworthiness. I suppose the only way to redeem myself is to attend these events she provides sweets for and ask to accept me as an apprentice.

But I am disappointed. O so disappointed.



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2 responses to “Sweet Tooth of the Tiger

  1. m

    But! she can’t do them all, surely!
    i always thought this lady combined food and art great: http://english.proefamsterdam.nl/
    and after all, nothing is original, http://www.swiss-miss.com/2009/01/nothing-is-original.html

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