Reader: Feb 17, 2009

– I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about the history of the contemporary art market and am nostalgic for the riotous pre-industrt eccentric and passionate art scene of the 60s.  (via NYT)

– An informative article on the stimulus plan. (via NYT)

– A new series of 7 by 7 at why + wherefore curated by vvork. (via why+wherefore)


– Funny Kodak background moments. (via Evan)

– On defunct facebook service. (via afc)

– An indepth article on the Shepard Fairey issue, that photo Che, Barkley Hendricks and more. (via art 21)

– Fairey designs soviet era style ads for Saks. (via NYT)

Peter Schjeldahl on Shepard Fairey’s show at ICA Boston. (via new yorker)


– Quirky subway sign errors. (via gothamist)

– Museums as gambling establishment receives nada from stimulus package. (via bloggy)

– Funny interview about art and chocolate with one of my favorite artists Wardell Milan by Nicole Caruth. (via sweet contemporary)

– Winkleman taking illustration proposals for blog posts. (via edward winkleman)


– Billboard kisses. awww. (via wooster collective)

– Yoko Ono’s 25 random things. (via eyeteeth)

– Concerning art and social change. (via eyeteeth)

o_3_2833567356ba44ec0o– via butdoesitfloat

– J No documents heel clad girls and art. (via Oly’s Musings)

– Cow urine as soft drink. barf. (via we make money not art)

– Hexed Journal on Brian Dewan at my favorite joint, Pierogi. (via hexed journal)


– Stuff on my cat. (via fffound)

Images of illegal immigration. (via the world best ever)

– A 13 year old father. (via world best ever)

Geek vs. Nerd. (via bre pettis)

– What the stimulus plan will do to go green. (via green air)

– Behind the scenes with etsy. (via psfk)

– Kittens inspired by kittens. (via Brett)


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  1. bre

    that cat video is hilarious… brainstorm!

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