Reader: Feb 18, 2009

– Hirst a copyright bully. (via art observed)

– I do not want Schnabel’s pjs. How vulgar and unsanitary. (via c-monster)

Hungry Hyena and Artblog Comments on the Cotter article. (via hungry hyena and artblog comments)

– 20 easy chicken recipes. (via cooking light)


Beardhead. I don’t want one.  (via thrillist)

– Instant starbucks. (via NYT)

DIY healthcare for the young and uninsured. (via NYT)

– Rita Ackermann’s 10 year old daughter has a solo show. (via art observed)

– AFC on Vik Muniz’s Rebus at MoMA. (via afc)


– I need to wear this. Available at Opening Ceremony. (via daily candy)

Rob tells me to curb my money habits. He should teach me. (via free will astrology)


– This is so painterly. (via lena corwin)

Sweat smells bad whether its sexual or workaday. (via james wagner)

– NEA will receive $50 million from the stimulus package. whew. (via art newspaper)


– This is my brain on neutral. (via fffound)

– World’s smallest postal service. (via craftmag)

– Social networking etiquette. (via afc)

– Impact of climate change for NYC. Scurred. (via gothamist)

– Fall in front of a subway, get $2.3 million dollars. Fucker. (via gothamist)

– On Bro Comedy. (via hipster run off)

– Loud and clear commercial. (via Olivia)

– Find a sugar daddy. (via Kimala and Malika)


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