Reader: Feb 24, 2009

– Art pawnshops swapping for cold cash. (via arts journal)

– Closing shops and hiring freeze at the MET. (via arts journal)


– Win yo-self a stikman at c-monster. (via c-monster)

– How to buy (art) in 2009. (via edward winkleman)


– MoMA subways ads, mashed. (via eyeteeth)

– 10 year old graffiti genius. (via eyeteeth)

SFMOMA collection images paired with songs. Richard Serra’s song is my fave. (via MAN)


Compound Editions sells multiples, organized by Edward Winkleman and his gallery neighbor. Current multiple is a box of gilded golden eggs nestled in shredded cash. Perfect timing. (via MAO)

Moodwall. (via rice candy)

– A lengthy article on the greatness that is Peter Schjeldahl. (via two coats of paint)


– Geometrically arranged race-sensitive porn photography. (via we make money not art)

– Shepard Fairey, Lawrence Lessig, and Steven Johnson speaks thursday at NYPL. (via wooster collective)


– I love red stripe. (via fffound)

– 80’s guide to successful seduction. o god the hair. (via the world’s best ever)

– 50 best food blogs. (via craftzine)

– How to start an etsy business. (via craftzine)


– Cool knitwear. (via craftzine)

– Oscar recap by hipster runoff. (via hipster runoff)

– Aenieid on facebook. (via notcot)


Hand writing. (via design is mine)

– Rad LED installation. (via psfk)

– Tropicana going back to old package design, noone likes the new. (via psfk)

– I like these from fashion weeks too. Especially Libertine. (via design is mine)


Sketchbooks. (via design is mine)

– Michelle Obama gives tour of White House kitchen. (via kitchn)


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