Reader: Feb 26, 2009

– Sex with objects. (via art fag city)

– How to successfully make bread. (via epicurious)

– L train goes robo. (via greenpointers)


– Toys on dope. (via world’s best ever)

– Image matters show at Mary Boone looks good. (via art observed)

– Film about Warhol’s superstar Candy Darling. (via gothamist)


Blackberry Pear Cobbler. (via dandy sugar)

– Buy rougher, recyclable toilet paper. (via NYT)

– Get a dose of brooklyn brewed kombucha. (via brooklyn based)


Dark chocolate, rum and candied orange truffle. (via flagrante delicia)

Happy cloud. (via Matteo)


Roasted vegetable quinoa salad. (via closet cooking)

– Comprehensive art fair prep map. (via art fag city)

Sharon Butler on artists engaging in social and political practice that is open and outside of the studio. (via art 21)

– Yves Saint Laurent, biggest auction in Europe. (via arts journal)


Meatball sliders. (via smitten kitchen)

– MoMA denies commissioning Poster Boy. I think I’m over it. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– I was invited to this press studio visit of Jeremy Earheart and am sorry I didn’t go. (via Oly’s musings)

– Awesome time lapse of a writer’s edits/deletions as it happens. (via personism)


Vanille and green tea sables. (via food beam)

– On masks. (via wnyc)

iPhone is the new polaroid. who’s that artist who recently had an iphone photo show? (via notcot)

– Good design in 10 commandments. (via notcot)


3D street art. (via psfk)

Fake man leaps from building. (via scouting ny)


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