Food Frenzy

So I’ve been completely useless the past 10 days.

light-swirl-coffee-cake-with-maple-glazeLight swirl coffee cake with maple glaze (via closet cooking)

I am officially off the Master Cleanse, I lasted 8 days. 8 days of psychological torture, serious mental writing blockage and absolute bodily void. For 8 days all I could think about was food. For 8 days all I could do was browse the hundreds of food blogs and salivate in the brain.

truffles-websizeTruffles (via chocolate shavings)

I wanted to eat. I really really wanted to eat. And it wasn’t a craving for junky food. I wanted so bad to put together a quinoa or wheatberry salad, to mix up dried fruits and nuts with scrumptious steel cut oats, to make granola bars as a snack and bake vegan chocolate cake with caramel sauce.

photopool0044_zucchinibreadCranberry zucchini walnut bread (via gel’s kitchen)

Every waking hour was spent menu planning and recipe collecting. I’ve accumulated hundreds of recipes that have been diligently bookmarked, tagged by meal and ingredient. You don’t see it on the blog but I’ve been quite a studious internet food searcher.

moroccanstylechickenpieMoroccan style chicken pie (via greedy gourmand)

I tried to stop myself and go one with my life and for once get some writing done because god forbid I had nothing else to do, nothing else to write about. I am so behind on my writing, there are so many shows I’ve seen the last few weeks that I am compulsively needing to cover and i am determined to get to that soon. I have artist interviews that I need to share with you. There are so many things going on this week with the art fair frenzy that I need to cover front to back, side to side, up, down, across.

img_2205_thumbQuinoa salad with shrimp and asparagus (via house of annie)

But no, all I could bear to do, was collect and collect some more, recipes. So I lasted 8 days and drank orange juice to slowly come off the detox, but made the mistake of helping out at a party and gorging on crackers, cheese and prosciutto. I just didn’t care at that point.

2418134449_7e6d5f92afCranberry orange almond oatmeal (via joy the baker)

So now, I am all backed up. No senna tea or salt water flush will push all the solids I just consumed. No need to be graphic, but do pity me. My body and mind must be so traumatized from all these extreme actions.

good-chili-1Corn and bean chili (via ezra pound cake)

Reminder: Never go on this detox ever again. It deprives the mind, body and soul of the sole means of survival: FOOD.

img_5742Banana foster cake (via lottie + doof)

I suppose this is a blog notice, to let you know, there are many many things to write about, and I will get to them one by one. Right after I bookmark this recipe I found…



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2 responses to “Food Frenzy

  1. Everything in moderation.

    Including moderation.

    thanks for the link!

  2. I realistically like your site website content the way you decide to put up the things…I’ve go through the topic with marvelous interest.

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